I’m happy-sad right now.

You know how you’re going through your regular, daily routine and then–BOOM!–something hits you out of the blue that makes you really stop and think about life? We’ve got a Zumba class going on here right now at the club and I could just bawl like a little baby, blowing my nose in time with Pitbull’s “Fireball”. This photo I got from one of our fencing moms currently at the Kansas City NAC did that to me:

12247150_1056341584400446_8245536369655135059_nIt might look like one more picture of fencers at a NAC. We’ve seen tons of them before. The fencers staring off into space. The competitors a blur on strip because Mom is taking pictures with her phone rather than a sophisticated camera.

But this photo is extra special.

It’s the very first time Cutting Edge Fencing has had young fencers of both genders attending the same out-of-town National event.

This is the first time we’ve been able to have extra teammates at the venue to support their SabreCat competitors. Teammates who WANTED to give up sightseeing and sit at the venue all afternoon. (Although I just received word that Reghan has been pressed into service and is refereeing sabre right now.)

I hope I can help you understand what a huge deal this is for us, both as club owners and as coaches. This is one thing we’ve been working long and hard to achieve: a group of young people who care about one another enough to give up personal time to support their teammates. And more than the usual suspects competing at the higher levels. We’ve got several first-timers (to compete at a NAC) in this group. That’s so great.

SabreCoachKate is verklempt.

Hope you have a moment like this too either today or sometime soon. We all need to have moments that remind us of what’s important and that show us we are achieving our dreams.

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