WW#3: Monica from Matawan, NJ

I got to chat with Monica Aksamit, one of our Women’s Sabre Olympians this weekend at the Richmond NAC. Here’s the interview.

We Are All Wonder Women

monica_aksamit_1708 Photo found on Monica’s YouTube page

This is Monica Aksamit. She is part of the Wonder Woman tribe. I had the pleasure of talking to her this past weekend at the North American Cup competition held in Richmond, Virginia. She was there to fence in the Division 1 Women’s Sabre Championships and get some practice for a very important competition that will be held later this summer. More on that in a bit.

Monica was born in New York City on February 18, 1990 but now calls Matawan, New Jersey her home. She has been a fencer since the age of nine when she began sabre classes at the Polish American Fencing Academy. After a few years she began training at the Manhattan Fencing Center under the guidance of Yury Gelman. She has had a distinguished fencing career, including being a two-time NCAA Team Champion, a Runner-Up NCAA Champion, and a…

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