Exuberant failure might be required here

Lisa Wolf, this has been me. Thanks for sharing your experiences in fencing in response to my Letter from one adult fencer to another: https://sabrecoachkate.wordpress.com/2017/02/12/letter-from-one-adult-fencer-to-another/


screamSo I’m sitting here in the airport, my flight delayed, after a devastatingly disappointing tournament. I am thoroughly sick of fencers, of competition, of people in general. I am sick of my own inadequacies, of my inability to rise to the occasion this time. I am sick of rumors and innuendo that left me feeling like I was back in junior high school, alone at the lunch table with gum in my hair. I am exhausted.

I have run, worked out, practiced three times a week, and competed an average of twice a month for 10 months in a row. This week, at the competition I trained for all that time, I got my teeth kicked in by a bunch of boppy fast teenagers, a badly timed comment from a friend I love deeply and respect enormously, and a general sense of frustration and loss of control over the course of…

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