Letter from one adult fencer to another

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4 thoughts on “Letter from one adult fencer to another

  1. Well written! One thing I would also say to a mature adult fencer is, in NO way compare yourself to the teens you see/fence in your club. That is not a measure of who you are, what you’ve accomplished in life, or what you will accomplish. Every part of your life is different, changing, etc. Comparing yourself to the teen fencer (or another adult fencer) and thinking you’re not where you should be fencing wise, is like comparing apples and oranges. As a mom of a teen fencer, even though I’ve never tried fencing myself, but have gone through various “stuff” in my life, don’t judge your accomplishments by some unreal standard….. if I were fencing there would be no way I would be able to keep up with my fencing kid – couldn’t on any level — that’s perfectly fine – go through life enjoying what you have and what you’ve done and where you’ll be going next – no need to keep up with “the Jones’ ” – do your own thing. The world is still spinning, the sun shining, and every breath we take is a gift — glad you’ve found something you enjoy – fencing – keep on keeping on!!!


  2. I took up fencing last year at the age of 49, as part of a general desire to improve my health & fitness, and fell in love with the sport far more than I’d expected would be the case. Everything you say in your article definitely chimes with how I’ve felt at times, but I’ve also been immensely lucky to have found myself in a club which is very supportive of us older beginner fencers. I get the feeling not all clubs are created equal, but I think being in a positive environment helps immensely.

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