Episode 11: Michael Mergens

Michael “Mergs” Mergens, is a USFA certified Armorer, Coach and Referee with over 35 years of experience in the sport of Fencing. He regularly works as the Head Armorer and Team Armorer for many of the USA Fencing National and International events. He is the owner of the online Armorer’s Store (http://www.thearmorersstore.com) and is the author of the well-known book called The Care and Feeding of all Things Fencing.

Mergs graduated from Texas A&M in 1977 with an engineering degree and belonged to the Corps of Cadets and Parson’s Mounted Calvary. He went on to serve in the US Army and was stationed in Bosnia and Iraq. He also was a part of many projects for NASA, including the creation of a trash compactor for the Space Station. This is one smart man!!

Listen now to the interview I did with him in the cafeteria of Keystone College in Pennsylvania where we were both attending the Coaches’ Academy.

Listen to this episode!

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