Episode 14: Andrew Fischl

Andrew Fischl didn’t start fencing until his junior year of high school but achieved a lot very quickly: he was 5th in the country in 2013. Before fencing, Andrew had tried many sports: soccer, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, etc but none of these sports really engaged him the way fencing did.

The reason most people know him is because of the videos he creates. Going by the name Cyrus of Chaos (his handle in Super Smash Brothers) his YouTube channel currently houses over 2500 videos of international-level competitions. He started recording bouts at his first Div 1 NAC in Columbus in 2007, when he, in his words, “was a wide-eyed little fencer who got destroyed in my pool leaving me the rest of the day to walk around and watch. I remember seeing so many things that made me think “oh I should be doing it like this” or “I want to try the timing of that next time I am at practice”. Then the next day I couldn’t specifically remember anything.” He took his parent’s videocamera to the next tournament and began recording everything he could.

He still does that to this day. Andrew’s biggest regret is that he can’t make it to every international tournament to capture footage. If you know of anyone who would be willing to help Cyrus of Chaos with this issue, please contact him through his YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Twitter.


Listen now to the interview I did with Cyrus of Chaos, aka Andrew Fischl.

Listen to this episode!


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