History of the Blog and its Future

There were 26 original podcast episodes, starting with Ariana Klinkov and ending with Nikki Franke.

My intent for the podcast when I started it in 2017 was to record fencing history. After Gerry Baumgart’s passing, I realized that many great stories were going unrecorded and unknown and was determined to do something about it. I also found myself educating new fencers and their parents about the same topics—how to navigate a tournament, gear, referee hand signals, etc—and used this blog to educate them.

After 24 episodes, the person editing them no longer had the time to do it so production slowed down as I taught myself the necessary skills. Fencing club duties, work, and life interfered with further episode creation. The blog slowly ground to a halt: Burnout erased the creativity and energy needed to write more posts in 2019 and Covid halted the subject matter in 2020.

Now it’s 2023.

Time to begin again, this time focusing on the well-being of a group that inspires me: women fencers older than 39. Known as Veteran Fencers, they started for a variety of reasons. They have a dazzling array of careers and backgrounds but are all united by a love for our sport.

This new version of the SabreCoachKate blog has a new goal: provide support to women fencers who want to remain active as they age. Join me with your insight, expertise, and passion. Suggestions for topics are welcome; please send them to sabrecoachkate@gmail.com

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